Hiroyasu Tsuri JPN × Jun Inoue JPN

Hiroyasu Tsuri is a Japanese contemporary artist whose work stands out for its embodiment of hybridity.

Well known by the moniker TWOONE, Tsuri’s extra large-scale mural works cover the globe.

After completing the Visual Art and Multimedia Diploma in 2012, Tsuri became familiar with multimedia arts and expanded his formal knowledge and practice. Tsuri has since garnered international recognition and has exhibited his versatile artworks in galleries and museums across the globe. His work consists of painting, sculpture, installation, performance art and sound.

Since 2014 Tsuri has been based in Berlin, where he continues to experiment with materials, concepts, and push his art to new levels.

Tsuri often travels around the world to paint large scale public murals. His artworks have been acquired by The National Gallery of Victoria and by the City of Yarra as part of their permanent collections.

Jun Inoue was raised in regional Kanagawa, Japan, where he studied Shodō (traditional Japanese calligraphy). His grandfather, a Zen Monk, became a major influence on his philosophy and aesthetic vision. Upon moving to Tokyo, the energy of the city’s underground – jungle, hip-hop and most importantly, graffiti – played a major role in further shaping his aesthetic development.

At the time, Tokyo graffiti had become focused on distinctive sweeping movements and minimalistic abstract shapes, a stylistic direction inspired by visionary Tokyo artists Kami and Sasu. It was in this scene that Jun found the platform for his unique vision.

Stripping both graffiti and Shodō back to a single common element, Jun’s artwork combines powerful and energetic movement with contemplative, Zen-line elegance. By finding a balance between the two traditions, Jun has given them both renewed relevance and context.

In 2010, Jun Inoue and Hiroyasu Tsuri met in Tokyo for the first time, after a mutual friend introduced the pair. Instantly the two artists connected with a common instinctive attitude and physical movement towards painting.

Inoue and Tsuri first painted live together in front of an audience in 2011 at Backwoods Gallery in Melbourne. Since then this painting duo have collaborated live in Tokyo and Berlin, and now back where it began in Melbourne.