Justin Shoulder × CORIN × Tristen Jalleh

Justin Shoulder is an artist working in performance, sculpture, video and production. Shoulder uses his body and craft to forge connections between queer, migrant, spiritual and intercultural experiences.
Shoulder will perform alongside long-term collaborators, Corin Ileto (CORIN) and Tristan Jalleh.

Ileto is an artist, producer and performer drawing from a background in classical composition. Through the performative aspect of Ileto’s compositions, she further explores intuitive algorithms through the mechanics of human memory. Corin’s productions are an assemblage of converging styles, enriched with the intricacies of visual communication.

Jalleh, on the other hand, creates false worlds that act as composites of multiple times and new fictional realities to reimagine the everyday, and explore attitudes towards the digital.
Jalleh constructs virtual installations that merge architectural, cinematic and video game aesthetics into immersive hyper-realities.