Marcus Whale × Athena Thebus

Marcus Whale and Athena Thebus present “Lucifer”, a performance of several songs centred around the fallen angel as a divine source of light for those forsaken by God.

Beginning from the posture of abjection demanded by a hetero, puritanical God, the light of Lucifer, queer icon, leads a performer to liberation.

Marcus Whale is a musician from Sydney. As a performer, he’s a member of duo Collarbones and trio BV, as well as work under his own name, releasing an album Inland Sea in June 2016. Primarily forming an electronic world around his singing, the songs across these projects play out dramas of desire, projection and abjection while disfiguring forms of pop, club and contemporary classical music.

Athena Thebus’ practice spans sculpture, installation, and writing. Her practice is driven by the desire to generate atmospheres thick with past shame and queer hope. The works have an undercurrent of celestial Catholicism as influenced by her Filipino mother. Presently, her writing practice involves swimming in other people’s waters and learning what it means to be a prince subservient to queens. She is a Scorpio with a Sagittarius rising and a Capricorn moon.