VIA ALICE is an immersive virtual reality film that invites audiences to experience the strength and diversity of contemporary Indigenous Australian knowledges, cultures, and identities.

Join American artist, producer, and dancer Khalif Diouf (Le1f); alongside Indigenous Australian dancer, choreographer Waangenga Blanco (Bangarra Dance Theatre), as they take us on a surreal journey across countries and cultures from Mparntwe (Alice Springs) Arrernte country, Gadigal land (Redfern) through The Central Desert, Marlinja, and onward to the northern reaches of the Cape York Peninsula.

Born in Manhattan, New York, Khalif studied ballet and modern dance, attended the Concord Academy, and earned his degree in Choreography from Wesleyan University before returning to the city to begin his rap career.
Arriving on Australian soil sees Khalif team with the charismatic Waangenga Blanco, a descendant of the Meriam people and of the pajinka Wik, Cape York. Waangenga studied at the NAISDA Dance College, and is a lead male dancer of the widely acclaimed Bangarra Dance Theatre, an Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander organisation, and one of Australia’s leading performing arts companies.

Armed with their incredibly diverse backgrounds in dance and performance, knowledge passed down from community elders, and their own unique methods of storytelling, Waangenga and Khalif take us on a stunning journey to deliver an insight into land and culture, whilst ultimately, through artistic collaboration, explore the meeting points between storytelling and dance.

‘Emotionally moving and technically interesting. A strong communication in body language’  ★★★★  Sydney Morning Herald

VIA ALICE is accompanied by an original score composed by Daniel Stricker (Midnight Juggernauts, Siberia Records) and John Carroll Kirby (Solange, Sebastian Tellier), featuring new work by Khalif Diouf, and Kardajala Kirridarra.

Directed by multi-disciplinary artist Pete Keen, the story of VIA ALICE stands strong with the support of it’s cast, their guidance and knowledge shared. Including actor, and Dharug songman Richard Nambrimbrii Green (‘Snowtown’, ‘Boxing Day’), as well as members of the phenomenal Kardajala Kirridarra, (2017 ‘NT Song of the Year Award’ winners) Eleanor Nalyirrima Dixon and Janey Namija Dixon.

VIA ALICE is the first in a series of films orchestrated by Pete Keen and Daniel Stricker. Produced in partnership with Virtual Guest