No artist can claim ‘music of the future’ quite like Actress (real name Darren Cunningham). A devotee of Detroit techno giants Derrick May and Carl Craig, the Wolverhampton-born producer has crafted a sonic arena which thrusts the beloved electronica of the past into a freaky (and groovy) new world.  After more than a decade submerged in London’s dance subcultures and a collaboration with the London Contemporary Orchestra (‘Audio Track 5’), Actress presents his most carefully constructed bridge between music and technology on his fifth album, 2017’s AZD (pronounced “Azid”). Released via Ninja Tune, tracks like ‘X22RME’ bring with them a new live show described by Gigwise as “some of the most fucked up and futuristic sounds you’ll hear all year”. Watch the video for ‘Falling Rizlas’ here.