Ara Koufax

Ara Koufax: two producers driving to a beach house in the middle of winter to distil a bleak climate into something warmer. Though Melbourne’s Sam Gill and Luke Neher have worked together in the past as Naysayer & Gilsun, Ara Koufax is new territory: a collection of material covered in a layer of dust ready to be blown off. Their debut single ‘Converge’ was born out of a messy, six-hour jam, the final product of rainy afternoons spent improvising and boiling raw percussion loops and synth lines down to the clarified foundations of songs. From remixing Cut Copy  (listen here), write ups on Purple Sneakers (here) to triple j Mix Up sets and a set at 2017’s Bigsound,  Ara Koufax are red hot. Ara Koufax’s major focus remains the bridging of nagging pop sensibilities with a love of noise and chaos. Listen to ‘Test Dream’ here.