Cut Copy

Legit local living legends Cut Copy make their extremely-welcome Sugar Mountain debut in 2018. After a four year hiatus, Melbourne’s own Cutters delivered their much anticipated long-player Haiku From Zero (out via Astralwerks) in 2017, with first single ‘Airborne’  making us crave the upcoming summer boogie. Says Dan Whitford, “Haiku From Zero is definitely our most confident album to date… the idea of being a band is as important to us now as it was in our very early days so against the current tide of laptop based performers, we wanted to explore that.” As masters of ‘80s revivalism, the genius of the much-loved band sees them appeal to nostalgia while exploring fresh arrangements and consistently catchy melodies. Cut Copy will come home for festival season after their massive US tour. Get down to the tropical vibes of ‘Take Me Over’ as Cut Copy take over Sugar Mountain.