Sevdaliza NED

Who is Sevdaliza? The 28-year-old Iranian/Dutch singer delves into the human psyche on her orchestral, beat-driven, manipulated tracks, earning millions of YouTube and Spotify streams along the way. ISON is Sevdaliza’s much lauded debut album: the follow-up to two self-released EPs, The Suspended Kid and Children of Silk. Sevdaliza’s melancholic, husky voice has been the soundtrack to fashion runways and TV shows, floating on a bed of trip-hop dubs and classical harmonies. Sevdaliza is the essence of visceral: watch her take on take on multiple personas in ‘Amandine Insensible’, or listen to recent single ‘Bluecid’, 2016’s ‘Human’, or ‘Marilyn Monroe’. A captivating journey into humanity and the darkness within, ISON  sees tensions build into elegantly crafted climaxes. Want to know more? Read her interview in Dazed here.